Resource Conscious

Stewardship stimulates growth

What resources are necessary?

Most small business servers that we've seen out in the real world have little to no maintenance routines in place to keep them in top shape. Is that three year old server running really slow? It's likely the hardware has plenty of throughput, the maintenance just needs to be increased. It was once common place to buy or lease your harware and upgrade every three to five years. Then trends emerged to shift those server workloads to the "cloud" with services like AWS and Azure. We can discuss the benefits and concerns with each model. You aren't restricted to just one model. Routine maintenance will keep systems running efficiently and make IT work for you.

The upgrades don't apply only to hardware. Service companies, such as auto repair, upgrade communication platforms to automate SMS messages regarding change orders, or work estimates. Lawn maintenance services utilize GPS locations for trip routing, and work force planning. Our clients span multiple industries (healthcare, construction, retail, etc.) and we apply the same principles and effort to each unique concern.