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The wise choice in Managed IT Services

Service guided by Proverbs 2:9-11

We provide our years of experience in information technology to your business; allowing you to focus on your passion. Whether its ongoing support, or specific projects.

Our success is based on partnering with your business. We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each scenario; tailoring the result to make IT work for your business.

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Layered Security

Small business is a primary target for malicious actors

The best way to prevent malware/ransomware is to layer security barriers. There is no one perfect solution; a solid network design prevents access, effective malware detection quarrantines unauthorized access, and data backups prevent downtime and data loss due to a security breach.

We're proud to be the choice of doctor's offices and retail stores for security and privacy concerns. Contact us to discuss strategies for your business.

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Resource Conscious

Stewardship stimulates growth

We can provide the latest WiFi 6 (802.11ax) hardware. Lightnight fast servers with ReFS or ZFS file systems for robust data integrity and access.

But many times businesses have resources that are under utilized or can be upgraded. Innovative technologies arrive all the time, and we can provide information help you decide.


How can we make IT work for you?

Apply our experience to your IT challenges

Hardware Configuration

Purchasing and configuring servers, workstations, and networking based on your business requirements.

Software Design

Web site designs and full stack applications; we can build or maintain your environment.


Firewalls, FIDO keys, malware detection, phishing emails; we can fill gaps in your security layers.